Lookbook & Lines Sheet Bundle

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This Lookbook & Lines Sheet Bundle includes:

  • 4 Lookbook Templates in A5 & A3 sizes in Printable & Digital Versions
  • Lines Sheet Template in both Printable & Digital Versions
  • Prompts for what information to include in your Lookbook & Lines SheetInstructions on how to customise the templates for your business
  • You’re right...that is a ton of valuable, and potentially time saving information. And it’s stuff you can go learn fast…....and avoid making the mistakes that many other creative business owners make
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Oh Hey! I'm Sarah J Cross

I’m Sarah, the founder behind the Creative Product Institute and author of Fearless Fempreneur. I help creative women get a profitable strategy to launch and rapidly scale and sell more of their products.

When I’m not a product sales strategist and business coach, I like to travel, discover new recipes to cook and play with my kids.

Over the past 23 years as a small business owner, I’ve seen how guiding and mentoring creative businesswomen helps them to sell more products and scale their businesses which means that they can really have a business of their dreams.

So many creative business owners want to skyrocket their success in creating, launching, and scaling their gorgeous lifestyle and homeware products, but they’re just not sure how to get there. It’s so important, though.

Diving into the world of wholesaling is a powerful way to grow your business. Wholesaling helps you to;

Have predictable, recurring sales every month.
Confidently connect with more of your ideal target audience through your stockists.
Have larger orders rolling in.

​That’s why I want to share a super simple offer that’s exclusive to you….it’s just $97 AUD to get my Lookbook & Line Sheet bundle.

Inside this Lookbook & Line Sheet Bundle are templates that help you to sell quickly and easily, and are fully customisable. So you can quickly and easily get set up to start engaging stockists straight away and start to scale your profitable business. It includes 4 types of Lookbook Templates, a Line Sheet Template, instructions on how to customise the templates and prompts to help you know what information to include for your future stockists.

I’ve found that the large majority of creative product owners aren't sure how to put together their Lookbook or Line Sheet...Eeek! That means that they’re missing important tools in their business and are missing out on big opportunities.

Understanding how to effectively enter the world of wholesaling is the first step in building a successful profitable business that has monthly recurring revenue. I’ve got loads of other amazing resources about scaling your gorgeous product business that are sure to help you!

Sarah's proven strategies have worked for business owners all over the world…

Victoria McGrane


“I really wanted to learn strategies on how to approach stockists, to scale up my sales, to better organise myself and plan effectively. Sarah really encouraged me to think strategically and as a result, I secured a major national stockist and quadrupled my sales over this quarter!” 

Fiona Holmes


“I have been able to smash my profit goals and move my business to the next level by securing my dream commercial unit.” 

Clare Quinla


"I was kicking massive goals very quickly and making product sales with a new look and direction."

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